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3 Amazing Features of Natural Stone Tiles

Posted by on Jan 5, 2016 in Blog | Comments Off on 3 Amazing Features of Natural Stone Tiles

Home renovation can be a daunting task. One of the greatest challenges that you can encounter is selecting the best tiles for your house flooring and walls. When looking for the best tiles that will suit your home, natural stone tiles are an exquisite option. Beauty, durability, and classical subtlety are the amazing qualities of natural stone tiles. Natural stone tiles can bring unique beauty in your home. Natural stone tiles are decorative exterior installations. There is a wide color array that can bring distinctive splendor into your homes. Your house will surely look very artistic when you use natural stone tiles. Due to the superior appearance of natural stone tiles, they are also idyllic to install in commercial towers and guesthouses. Natural stone tiles are incredibly long lasting. Believe it or not, but natural stone tiles are durable with its solidity. For instance, marble can last up to 100 years with correct maintenance. The preservation period of their color and structure are significantly longer as to compare with other type of floorings like vinyl, coated concrete or ceramic tile. The natural stone tiles only require low maintenance routine that can extensively delay the necessity for polishing. They are proven durable and are economically beneficial. Natural stones tiles offer classical refinement. The archetypal designs of natural stones can astonishingly match the design of modern houses. These kinds of tiles are considered timeless and versatile.  Your house can definitely achieve a classic flair and impressive look with these type of tiles. You will surely love the wide selection of designs for natural stone tiles at the Marble Expo Inc. in California, it is the top supplier of wonderful tiles in the globe.  It has become the leading brand that produce the finest natural stone tiles and exterior installations in the world. From granite to marble to travertine, limestone, onyx and natural quartz, Marble Expo Inc. is the best place to get stone tiles....

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Premium Wholesale Supplier of Marble Stone Flooring

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Marble Expo is a global supplier of natural stone flooring products for housing contractors.  Marble Expo was established in Greece and has more than three decades of experience in the industry. There is a wide selection of stone products including granite, marble, slate, quartz, and precious stones. They have their own showroom in California that showcase all their products. The tiles are sourced directly from the factory so that customers will get the best price. The marble stone flooring collection is imported from high quality quarries from various regions around the world. Their customer base is mainly construction contractor, home designers, flooring installation companies and homeowners. Every single marble tile will be cut to the precise size by experts. The marble tile will add a touch of luxury to any room in your house. All tiles are made from authentic and high grade materials. The marble features a highly reflective surface with polished finished to allow maximum light reflection. Marble Expo marble tiles are versatile and suitable for all kinds of applications. They come in a  variety of exquisite and stylish color shades. You can install them on your kitchen wall or bathroom floor. It will look great both indoor and outdoor. They provide eco-friendly marble flooring that is beautiful as well as practical. Besides offering marble flooring, Marble Expo also offers quality aggregates for your construction projects including pebbles, gravels and marble powder. They are also a decorative plumbing resource for plumbers and architects. They offer fast shipping for customers around the world. You can view a full list of the tiles they offer and the featured brands at the online catalog. If you are interested in their marble tiles, you can call their office to request for more...

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Great Ideas for Updating Your Home!  

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Are you are considering building or updating your home but you’re not quite sure where different kinds of stone would work best? Here are some suggestions from Marble Expo for usage of different types of stone within your home:   Due to its beauty combined with durability, granite has become one of the most popular choices for kitchen countertops and islands. This stone is found deep below the earth’s surface. Each piece has individual and distinctive veining. What this means is that every slab of granite will be unique. You will never see your exact same granite in anyone else’s home. When you are investing in home improvements or building a brand new home it is these personal touches that will make your house feel like your own. The materials you choose to go into your home bring warmth and character that bring it to life.   Another unique stone you might consider for your home is Travertine. This is a type of Limestone which is especially popular for outdoor construction. Consider travertine for an outdoor patio or garden area as it lends an elegant yet earthy feel to a space. This calcium-based stone contains varied amounts of deposits, which will again create a distinctive character to the look of your home.   Marble has been a mainstay in many bathrooms and vanity areas as it is both distinctive and quite beautiful. For the kitchen, it can be a good option for countertops but is seeing some popularity as an option for custom kitchen islands. This is due to the fact that it tends to be cool, making it an excellent choice for bakers and other temperature-sensitive work.   If you really want to make a bold statement consider using precious stone as a kitchen or bathroom back splash. These come in a variety of colors and designs to create a one-of-a-kind statement to accent any room. Precious stone is an excellent choice when you want something timeless, sophisticated, and absolutely...

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Interior Design Made Easy with Quality Stoneware

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Stoneware exponentially increases the value of a home. If you have a good mix of quality stones inside your home, then you can expect that your house will be upraised with a premium price. On the other end of the spectrum, if you have stones of lesser quality then you may expect a lesser price tag for your property. Having quality stones inside your home will not only make it look good, but it will also help you feel good. Decorating with stones The demand for stone walls inside houses has been on the rise for quite some time. There are different varieties of stones used for designing indoor and outdoor. Depending on your taste, you could either go modern on your design by blending natural quartz with glass and stainless steel, or get a homey cozy feel by onyx, limestone and wood. Design ideas are endless and you can use them in a variety of ways. You can use them for counter tops, stone walls, patio, driveway etc. Stones can be used in an unlimited number ways. As they say, you are only limited by your imagination. Where to get the best Quality stones There are a lot of shops out there that are selling stones for your houses but if you wanted to get the best quality natural stones in the market then Marble Expo Inc. is the company to trust. We have been in the market since 2002 and we have been recognized in the industry as one of the most diverse suppliers of natural stones. We have the best collection of stones sourced out from different countries around the world. With a team of experienced cutters and shippers, we are sure to deliver the best quality pieces right at your doorstep. If you want to have the highest quality of stones available in the market then we are the ones you want to be talking...

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Add Value and Aesthetic Beauty by Fitting Granite Counters in Your Home

Posted by on Dec 1, 2015 in Blog | Comments Off on Add Value and Aesthetic Beauty by Fitting Granite Counters in Your Home

Homeowners are seeking for practical ways they can improve the appearance of the interior and exterior spaces. You can add a touch and feel of class, nature, and contemporary look to your home by installing granite counters. Granite countertops are gorgeous, functional, and highly appealing to the eye. They can add value to your home. A natural stone supplier in Lomita, CA can provide you with quality materials that help redefine your home’s appearance.   Kitchen granite countertops Your kitchen is more than just a food preparation area. You can relax in your kitchen and learn something about cooking. The kitchen is the hub of your home. It is in the kitchen where all the action is taking place. Kitchens can be used to entertain guests, store gadgets, and offer a space for the family to take their meals. Custom countertops help bring features that add to the inspirational dream kitchen designs.   Bathroom counters A bathroom can spruce up your morning and create that vibrant mood you need to tackle the day’s activities. Having beautiful bathroom countertops made of granite allows you to create an appealing, warm space, which creates happiness. You will have good times taking showers and bathing in your bathroom.   Granite countertops in laundry room Modern laundry rooms can be designed using elegant natural stone counters to erode the plain look and bring it a spectacular appearance. Your laundry room will not just be the place for washing your clothes; you can enjoy yourself with the immaculate design elements you introduce like granite counters. Homeowners need to consider using granite since it can increase the value of their home. It dramatically changes the look and feel often bringing a natural setting and the inspiration you need in a home. Whether you’re a contractor, designer, developer, homeowner, or installer, you can consult with Marble Expo for the best quality natural stone for home design and...

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Natural Stone Solutions for the Home

Posted by on Nov 25, 2015 in Blog | Comments Off on Natural Stone Solutions for the Home

Natural Stone Solutions for the Home At Marble Expo, home owners have access to a diverse selection of natural stone for beautifying the home. The company provides a stone yard and showrooms in Lomita, California to provide you with a fine selection of natural stones from around the world. The staff of Marble Expo Lomita provides information on each stone type as well as advice to help you choose the right stone for your home project. A variety of clients use Marble Expo for stone work including developers, designers, contractors, fabricators, property owners and home owners. A Variety of Stone Products No matter what your project or what type of stone you are looking for, Marble Expo Lomita can provide you with a solution. From granite to marble, travertine to slate, several stone types can be viewed in the stone yard and showrooms. Your project will be easily completed with the highest quality stones only Marble Lomita can provide. Imagine Your New Space Whether you are looking to add natural stone to the floors of your home or to create new counter-tops, Marble Expo Lomita can help. Visit the showrooms to see how the stone can be transformed to create the component you wish to add to your home. View samples to see how they will fit with your color scheme or remodeling plans. The helpful staff of Marble Expo are prepared to assist you with any questions you may have about particular stones or what would work best based on your project needs. From designing a new home for family or an office space, the staff has the knowledge and experience to assist you in finding the perfect stone to match décor or the design scheme of your space. Budget restrictions as well as plans of your project will be considered to help you stay on...

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Posted by on Nov 19, 2015 in Blog | Comments Off on MARBLE EXPO IS YOUR GO-TO FOR FLOORING!

So, you’ve decided to improve your home or office by installing up-scale flooring or perhaps even decorative plumbing. Here in California, particularly around the Pacific Coast Highway, you have many good choices but we think you’ll find Marble Expo the best one! At Marble Expo, we specialize in providing you the highest quality materials at the lowest possible cost. Let’s consider the factors at play. You seek a great floor that makes you look your best. It must be functional and able to withstand the everyday rigors of your house or business. At Marble Expo, we offer a full line of stone flooring that is beautiful, cost effective and can be installed within a day. We keep a diverse inventory of materials here, granite, marble, travertine, limestone. This will be the last floor you ever need to install because it is remarkably durable and will last a lifetime. What does it mean when you pick Marble Expo to help you in your upgrade? Placing a stone floor is a stable and permanent flooring solution and will endure for decades. The relatively small capital investment for good flooring greatly adds to the property value of that location.  You don’t just receive the amazing aesthetic value of looking and living in a great place, you also receive the intrinsic value added to your entire investment. At Marble Expo, we have vast experience in helping you pick just the right stone solution for your needs. Our happy clients are quick to say that we provided them with a great and lasting design that embellished whatever their architectural theme might be.  At Marble Expo, our buying power beats out all the competition and that means we can give you the best possible price on all flooring materials. When you need the ultimate in flooring, do not settle for mundane or mediocre, come to us at Marble Expo and let us help you obtain the great result you seek.    ...

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Remodel your kitchen with granite courtesy of Marble Expo

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If you’re looking to change the environment of your kitchen and give it that up to date flare in the form of granite, then look no further than Marble Expo for all of your kitchen remodeling needs. Serving the fine people of southern California since 2002, Marble Expo will have you covered courtesy of helpful professionals who are always eager to please and are up for any remodeling challenge. Some of Marble Expo’s services include the sale of numerous natural stones, fabrication, installation, as well as free estimates and measurements of the area that you desire to be refurbished to top quality. In respect to the aforementioned granite remodeling for your latest kitchen project, Marble Expo has over 100 different types of granite designs which offer a very distinct and appealing look. You’ll be hard-pressed not to find a design that’s perfect for you thanks to such a wide and appealing selection. The possibilities are almost endless. Your kitchen is one of the most cherished and important areas of your home. With the exception of your living room, the kitchen is not only where your family prepares meals but also where friends and various invited guests come to socialize and have a good time, especially during a gathering to celebrate a special occasion. Having the finest granite installed in your kitchen will not only give you the look you’ve been wanting but also prompt those special invited guests to compliment your kitchen and inquire as to who did such a quality job. Having been in business for over a decade, the Marble Expo has become a trusted name when it comes to delivering the highest quality of natural stones. If you’re in need of a kitchen upgrade with the most elegant granite design, be sure to contact Marble Expo today and let your dream kitchen become a...

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Marble Expo: The Best and The Most Reliable Bathroom Remodeling Company.

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A good bathroom is one that is well kept, well maintained and regularly modified to be in line with the current modern times. A well maintained bathroom not only gives you a fulfilling and an enjoyable shower experience but also ensures that your house remains clean. Remodeling your home’s bathroom or bathrooms can be very time consuming and very stressful. If you are in need of bathroom remodeling services but you do not have the time or energy required for it, we are the right people to call. Whatever your dream and whatever your budget is, come to The Marble Expo and we will see to it that we have given you the bathroom remodel that is perfect not only for you but also for your home. From decorative tiles to custom vanities, we aim at fulfilling your dreams as our bathroom remodeling experts and technicians help you to make it a reality. We have you completely covered. Whether you are interested in simply giving your bathroom a refresh or are looking for dramatically updating it, we will see you all through. Our team of experts will guide you through the process of decision making and top it up with hassle-free, professional installation. We pride ourselves for providing the top best brands in bathtubs, faucets and vanities. From latest styles to best sellers, you will find all the top brands in bathroom remodeling at The Marble Expo. When you combine our professional installation with our outstanding brands, you get an overall value that cannot be beat. We handle all the work. This way, you can relax and concentrate on enjoying the new look of your bathroom. Our installation team will clean up the installation areas when they are done and see to it that every project waste is removed. We understand that your bathroom is indispensable and that is why we take the shortest time possible to remodel it without causing any inconveniences to you. We are the artists and your bathroom is our...

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Natural Stone

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Natural stone is a popular material able to offer a life time of elegance and beauty to the outdoor area of your home by providing a beautiful paving solution. They are becoming increasingly popular as both a noncommercial and commercial building material as a result of unique advantages they are able to offer when it comes to functionality along with aesthetic magnificence. Coming in a very huge range of sizes, forms and colors along with textures, there is nothing that could quite match up to the versatility from the material which has the capacity to suffice every single one of your family needs and personal preferences. These stones could be incorporated in to a whole array of different designs and styles, which is why they are such a highly popular product together with invaluable advantages over other types of substance. Available in numerous unique colors and shapes you are able to create a very unique layout. Natural jewel is utilized worldwide for being integrated from the construction associated with staircases, kitchen countertops, sinks, fireplaces and most of all flooring along with landscaping. It is safe to say that simply no other material has the capacity to suit quite as many applications. There are many different types of excellent stones accessible having their own personal individual qualities, including granite, marble, limestone, basalt, slate, and many more. Although each kind of material possesses their own individual attributes there are certain advantages which are associated with each. All natural stone is quite durable and competent to repel both water and stains, providing a very long time of beauty. For that reason these are frequently used in significant areas of the home. Natural stone is frequently used to pave paths and patios, with jewel landscaping becoming more and more popular this is extremely popular nowadays. This can be incorporated successfully within different elements of landscaping layouts, depending upon the look you are attempting to achieve. Additionally it is incorporated directly into structures to create a beautiful appearance like retaining partitions and waterfalls. Although natural stone pavers might be slightly pricier than your concrete choices, the appearance and superior durability furnished by the outstanding material is certain to last a very long time and are classified as the perfect alternative for homeowners on the market who want to transform their...

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