NATURAL STONES written by: MOHAN3010

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Your home will look amazing when we use natural stone for decor. In a home, stone signals quality and longevity. Accordingly, choosing the right slabs or tiny tiles to incorporate into your interior deserves careful consideration. Here, we introduce some options, including the familiar marble and granite, as well as more unusual materials, such as onyx. This roundup will give you a glimpse of what you can find in our home-design center. Once you start shopping, you’ll see just how vast the world of natural stone for home decor is. Even when you settle the stones there are some ways to keep the natural stone of home decor clean and long lasting. One way is wiping up the spills immediately, mainly citrus content which may cause corrosion. With proper maintenance, stone surfaces will last for generations. MARBLES: Marble starts life as limestone and are softer and more absorbent than granite, but it’s still tough enough for any application in your home. Marbles can be used for the following places: back splashes, floors, pastry surfaces, tub surrounds, vanity tops and much more. GRANITE: Granite, which is available in a broad spectrum of colors, is often flecked with bits of minerals that produce a salt-and-pepper look. In some instances, the minerals form veins. What to Know: because of the greater durability granite is very hard and scratch resistance. Granite can be used for kitchen counter tops, pastry surfaces, fireplace surrounds and much more. LIMESTONE: Limestone comes in an array of textures. ONYX: Onyx is distinguished by its translucency. The layered stone often comes from caves. Although we use onyx to describe items that are jet-black, the stone is commonly white or pastel. It can be polished to a very high...

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